DIY Skating Rink ft. The Home Depot Canada

*this post is sponsored however all the opinions are my own*

Ice Skating Rink ft. The Home Depot Canada

It doesn’t get much more Canadian than your own backyard skating rink! With the recent global pandemic sweeping over the world, there was a high likelihood that we would be spending much more time at home. With this in mind, I was so excited to partner up with The Home Depot Canada to build a DIY skating rink. They had all the products we needed to get the project done.

The kids aren’t huge hockey kids but they do love to play sports and go outdoors. We are the type of family to be going out and about all the time so staying home and doing nothing has been taxing. Now, at least the boys can stay home and get a little fresh air and exercise.

DIY is not our thing. Definitely not TJs (there is nothing wrong with not being huge DIY-ers :P). In any case, I wouldn’t say TJ’s the biggest “Mr Fix-It” or “Mr. Build-It”, but this was so easy to do! ANYONE could do it. TJ and my dad took on this project together and they built the kids a fantastic rink that they have had so much fun with thus far. We did have some hiccups in this project, but we also did it flying by the seat of our pants. So, to help those of you who don’t want to do it that way, continue reading :).

We have never taken on a project like this before. The Home Depot Canada helped us put together a list of supplies. They provided us with a guideline of what we thought we would need for our original plan of 16 ft by 40 ft rink, but we decided to try to make it a bit smaller (15ft x 25ft). We adjusted our supplies list along the way as our project took flight. We actually needed less items and were able to easily return them and/or exchange them for things we ended up using.  The Home Depot Canada helped us with a few visual aides that I will give credit to at the bottom. Instead of walking around the entire store looking for everything, we thought it would be easiest to order at the ProDesk. The ProDesk was super easy to work with. With our list in hand, we got the item numbers we needed and easily placed the order with delivery to our home. The process was fairly simple. (Disclaimer* this was done before more restrictive guidelines for the general public were put into place. This can also be done easily on The Home Depot Canada website which I would highly recommend. Skip to the online list here.) We were even able to have product pre-cut to our desired dimensions for our project. We planned our delivery for the following weekend to start our project.

The challenging part for us, was actually getting the product delivered that was ordered. Unfortunately, our in-store order didn’t come as scheduled and arrived a few days late. Communication with our local store wasn’t perfect and some products were no longer available and that’s why we were told they were delayed. They waited a few days to see if product would come in and since it didn’t it was shipped anyways. I ended up ordering everything else that we needed online, and that delivery was super easy, super quick, everything arrived in time for us to put our project together without delays.

But all is not lost, while I can say the delivery process wasn’t without it’s own hiccups, sourcing the materials, and creating and building the rink was a breeze!

When considering building a DIY skating rink we considered a few things: the size, the materials, and where would we set this up. We had enough room to build a 16 ft x 40 ft rink but elected to make one a bit smaller at 15 ft x 25 ft.

Here is a list of supplies we purchased from The Home Depot Canada to complete our rink. Alternatively, I’ve included some optional and additional supplies below:


  • 1 pack – 8X3 PRO DECK BROWN SCREWS 700 PCS
  • 1 – 30X50 Heavy Duty White Tarp
  • 7 – 2X4X8 Select KD-HT (one cut into 4 pieces lengthwise – as they did not have any stakes in stock)
  • 8 – 2X10X10 MircroPro Sienna Treated Wood (two cut in half)
  • 8 – Angle 5in. 16GA


  • 1 – White Aerosol Paint
  • Twine Polypropylene medium x 500′
  • HB 24 ft. 12-light LED String Light

Other supplies we needed personally:

  • Big Boss Xhose Pro Dac 5 100ft
  • 4lb Hammer

For the online link to the products we used, click here.

Step 1: Find level ground. You want the ground to be as level as possible. I didn’t realize our yard was all kinds of unlevel and it really affected the way the rink filled.

Step 2: Framing the Rink. We used 2x10x10 MicroPro Sienna Treated Wood. We had The Home Depot Canada cut it for us. They ended up cutting 2 of the boards in half so we could measure out our frame at 15 ft x 25 ft. What you may want to do is set up the frame and stake it out to support the frame. The white aerosol paint can be used for marking your stakes but not required. We asked that The Home Depot Canada to split a 2 by 4 into 4 so that we could make our own stakes.

TJ and my dad attached the frame together using 5 in. angles. We used 8 in total to attach the 2x10x10 together. Once the frame was built, they placed stakes around the frame and hammered them into the ground to support the walls of the rink. This was a bit challenging for us as the ground had already started to freeze. I may or may not have had to run to The Home Depot Canada for a bigger hammer (lol).

Depending on how high your rink walls are, you may want to get some brackets or to miter you walls for additional support. We did not need to do this for the size we were using. If you make higher rink walls than this, I would definitely recommend additional brackets for support or to mitre the walls. (Listen to me, talking about mitering like I know. Truth is, I had no idea what that meant until this project. lol)

We ended up cutting down the stakes we had already made.

Step 3: Place your tarp. We used a 30 x 50 Multipurpose White Tarp to line the bottom of our rink. My advice is to be careful with laying out your tarp, you don’t want any cuts in it. Our rink was obviously smaller than the tarp. You want to have enough slack when the water fills it that it won’t spill out. Once your rink is full and frozen, you’ll cut off the excess anyways, so don’t worry about the extra tarp.

Step 4: Fill your rink. Try to ensure that your hose is not laying on the bottom of the rink in order to avoid your hose from making any holes in your tarp. Fill it to at least 2 inches of water. For us this took about 4 hours to fill. Our ground was uneven, so some areas ended filled 2 inches and some were 6 inches 😆

Step 5: Let it freeze! We had some wooden blocks that we kept on the outside of the tarp because it was a little bit windy and we didn’t want the wind to pick up the tarp and freeze on top. We waited 3 days for the ice to freeze before we went on the ice.

Step 6: Cut off the excess tarp. We stapled it into the walls and cut the excess.

Optional step: We added in some lights and hung them to the extra 2×4’s we had – I picked up 4 sets to fit the size of our rink.

Step 7: Enjoy your new ice rink 😊

There you have it, folks! This rink was super easy to make thanks to The Home Depot Canada and the kids have loved using it!

While working with The Home Depot Canada, we really enjoyed the different ordering options that were available. They really gave us great guidelines to work with on our project and helped make this DIY a dream come true.

This DIY was a big deal for us. This is the first time we have ever taken on a project like this and thanks to TJ for putting up with my crazy and to my dad for stopping every few hours so I could document while they worked. This was super easy to build and we did it without anyone breaking anything or having to start over, so, I’m going take that as a huge win.

Current times have been hard on all of us, while we can’t go out as much as we would like to, we are finding fun and fulfillment in spending time at home. With our cool new ice rink, we are able to get out with the boys, get some fresh air, and make some new memories.

***This project was completed amid the COVID-19 global pandemic, affecting shipping delays due to increased delivery demands. Given the rise in cases and increased safety measures, The Home Depot Canada recommends staying home where possible, and opting for online delivery or curbside pick-up in lieu of in-store visits. Please be sure to adhere to all government and provincial protocols in your region.

Below are a few videos we used as reference when we were making our rink:

Ode to 2020

This is a few days late. I wanted to fully absorb and reflect on the past year before I wrote what I thought about it. As I write this, I have a baby across from me drinking some warmed almond milk with cinnamon and honey, demanding my attention, the boys are jumping around, eating, watching movies, and I am wondering how important it is for me to be writing this right now.

I’ve decided it’s important. It’s important for my own personal therapy. Writing is my therapy. When I am struggling, when I am wondering, when I am lost as well as found; I am inspired to write.

2020 was the year the world stood still but I feel like my growth over the past year was greater than any year before. I have experienced great highs in 2020 and insurmountable lows. I have gained friends, lost friends, renewed friendships, built relationships, and as well, destroyed some.

I started this year not knowing who I was because I didn’t know who I wanted to be. I ended this year knowing who I want to be and what goals I wanted to reach next. I am not looking for “new year, new me” although, I feel I am working towards that image. I am not working towards a “new me” but a “me” that I want to be. I want to be brave; I want to be happy; I want to be free.

Things I’m learning in my 30’s that I wish I knew in my 20’s:

  • establish boundaries and stick to them
  • be okay with saying goodbye
  • if it does not serve you– if it does not influence you to be the best version of yourself; walk away
  • be mindful of the people you surround yourself with

I never thought of myself as an empath. In fact, it was one of the weaker areas of my life. I lacked empathy. I held up a hard front, I did not let other people get to me, I was hardened by my work and my life. I find now, I absorb feelings, energies, and emotions of those around me. I have softened myself and succumbed to embracing humility. I will still revert to hardness and insensitivity sometimes as a coping mechanism and to protect myself. I am a work and wxmen in progress. I am imperfect and I accept that I will always continue to work on myself.

I am dedicating my 2021 to myself. I hope to continue growing, learning, loving, and living. I want to find peace where I am, peace with my career path, peace in my relationships. I want to bring more calm into my life. I want to be the most authentic version of myself. I hope you will all continue to come with me on this journey of me, loving me.