Our Living Room Makeover ft. Dufresne Furniture and Appliances


Please note that these items were gifted to me but all the opinions are my own.*

It happened after many years of waiting and wanting, we did it. We bought our first home. 

In November 2019, we assumed possession of our first home. It’s a great little starter and we had some big plans for our little 1000 sq ft abode!

Now a few things to note, I was still on maternity leave when we moved, we did three weeks of renovations before moving in, and it was in the middle of minus a million degrees (obviously exaggerating but it was well below 25 degrees Celcius). 

We didn’t have any furniture of our own and my mom was generous enough and let us use her hand-me-down basement furniture until we were able to get something of our own for our space. We started off with a taupe coloured sectional in a microfibre fabric. We had some cushions and a little ottoman storage coffee table. We put up some really cute prints for an adorable gallery wall. Our space was great for any new home. We had a small rug that was a few years old from our last place and a small little 32” tv as our to had just conked out a couple months before our move. I wish I had a good look of what we had before but I didn’t love our space and didn’t take a lot of before pictures. 

While looking for for furniture I always knew I wanted something that was both stylish and durable. With boys like mine, I’ve seen brand new things become ruined or worn in only a few weeks. 

I don’t know if I had a name for our style but if I did I would say it’s a bit of “mid-modern boho”. It’s a little bit of me and a little bit of TJ. I really love natural tones and textures, and TJ appreciates things to be a bit more bold. We wanted something that was reflective of our style. 

We found Dufresne had the perfect solution for us. They had amazing quality furniture, that would be super functional and durable for us, and still reflective of the styles we loved. I am so happy with the end result.

The pieces we picked from there are amazing and I can’t get over how much I love our new living room!

I loved putting this space together, it was a blank slate that we got to make ‘ours’.

We got the Kisper coffee table and I feel like it is the most perfect mid-modern piece. 

We picked the Lane area rug. We had already picked so many dark pieces, I wanted something light with texture to brighten up the space and give the space dimension. 

We also picked out a 50″ Samsung Smart TV. Given a new space to enjoy and entertain our kids, I thought it would be perfect in our new space. I don’t know about you, but a Smart TV has now become an essential item in our household. Especially with COVID quarantines/social distancing, we have spent a lot more time binge watching all of the Netflix.

Our favourite piece by far is the Melbourne 2-piece sectional. It is amazing. We got the sectional in a couch and honestly we love it so much. It is a great size with the 3-seat style couch with right hand chaise. The cushion is pre-crushed and we picked out their performance fabric with the leather look in navy. The custom experience went by flawlessly. I worked closely with a representative and we were able to put together the perfect look for our space.

The highlight of our space is the sectional.  We wanted to find something that worked best for our lifestyle. We picked the sectional because it fit best in our living room, it is a bit of a smaller space and wanted enough seating for all 5 of us. The best feature of the piece we put together is the performance fabric. As a mom of 3 boys, let me tell you— boys are messy. Not just messy; they’re filthy. They go to eat and ignore the utensils and use their hands and then run to the couch and climb and jump and put their little greasy fingers all over the place.. and this fabric is a dream come true. Can you see the finger prints? Yes, you can. Daily, I can see the little prints of my filthy little boys. However, the clean up is so easy! I normally just take a wet cloth, sometimes a disinfecting wipe, wipe it down, and it is good as new! You don’t even see the old grease marks, the it’s amazing. I can’t speak highly enough. The kids jump on the sectional, eat on it, our littlest may or may not have had an accident on it.. and still, it’s like it’s brand new.

Why did I think stepping away for a second would be okay? ;P

In order to finish our space I knew I needed to find the perfect way to elevate the space. The idea I had was neutrals, texture, and my fav— PLANTS. 

I finished filling up the space with cushions (because you can never have too many), some textured throw blankets, and some gold/brass coloured accessories; et voila! 

Our living room revealed and completed!

We are in love with our space and every bit of it is everything we are and more.