Household Upgrades in the Simplest Form | Schlage Custom Eller Lever with Collins Trim Hall-Closet and Bed-Bath Lock

*Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me however all opinions are my own

When we bought our home I knew there were upgrades that needed to happen. We stripped the carpets and old vinyl flooring, we finished the basement and added a custom bathroom to boot. We added luxury vinyl plank throughout the main level, styled with new furniture and started to design a space that really reflected our style. These were things that I knew we needed to do to make our house a home. What I didn’t realize is the snowball effect it would have on the rest of the house. With these newly improved spaces, I realized that the hardware we had in our home, was no longer reflecting the type of vibe and feel that the rest of the house had. We wanted something classic and refined; something tasteful and elegant. We wanted to make a small improvement to create the home we have always wanted, and Schlage was right there to help us make that happen.

Our current home is a blank slate! It is 5 years old and holds most of the standard/manufacturer chosen hardware and fixtures. The previous owner picked everything in the home and it is a great “blank slate” for me to put my touch on. This is our first home and design was something I’ve always wanted to dive into. I’m not very handy, I can’t make a lot of things but I have big dreams and big ideas!

We chose the Schlage Custom Eller Lever with Collins Trim Hall-Closet and Bed-Bath Lock. I loved the look of these because there was something about the matte black against the white doors that I loved. I loved the contrast and I think it really makes a statement.

TJ spent the better portion of the morning installing the hardware and trust me, if TJ can do it, anyone can do it! We are not Mr/Mrs Fix-its and we are definitely not DIYers (considering we hired someone to do our floors and build our basement. I would never trust myself or TJ to do such a thing (;P). They were easy enough to install and came with matching black faceplates. We had eight levers to uninstall/install so you can imagine what that was like. One thing I wanted to mention was, you do have the option of having them with the lock or without. The lock is a push-pin style that is discreet and just below the lever itself. It is truly a customizable piece with a lovely aesthetic.

While I don’t think there was anything wrong with our fixtures to begin with, I do feel as if this simple upgrade has created a much more elegant space. It’s crazy how something so simple can create a more modern and elevated look with the simple change of colour and style. Can’t wait to share with you guys more of our design projects as we go!


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