We Upgraded Our Outdoor Hardware | Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt

*Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me however all opinions are my own

We recently bought our first home! After many years of living in my parents basement, we finally found ourselves ready to “leave the nest”. It’s been an amazing ride. Having your own space to personalize and decorate has been pretty awesome. And so it goes…

BRING ON THE HOME PROJECTS. While our home isn’t old by any means, to put my own personal touch on our space, I’ve been wanting to do a few upgrades. We finished the basement and one of my favourite features of our new space is our matte black hardware. My goal is to eventually update our entire home with matte black hardware.

My kids and I have been using a keypad lock for some time now at my parent’s, and I knew I wanted to have one in our new home. We were so fortunate to have been gifted one from Schlage. They have amazing knobs and hardware for the entire home. We were gifted the Schlage Encode Wifi Deadbolt. My full review is below. Spoiler alert: I love it.

Installation was a bit tricky. TJ is not the most handy of handymen and we did need some back up. It took him and his brother about an hour, along with some online videos and a couple of “Oh, well we gotta do this again’s” before we had everything changed over and installed. Once it was installed, it took me half an hour to program it with the Schlage Home app. It took a bit of time but trust me when I say it was totally worth it. This is by far one of my favourite parts of my home. Not only do I get notifications when the door is locked and unlocked, but I also get notified about how it was opened/locked (code or thumb turn). If you have multiple codes, it indicates which code was used to open the door. You can even lock or unlock your door from your app. If I have a family member needing to pass by my house without being home, I can just unlock the door from my phone. That is one feature I really love because I don’t need to share the code or create a code for someone to pass by, I can simply lock and unlock the door from my Schlage Home app.

Picture this: mom of 3 kids, infant in tow, groceries in either hand and two other kids helping load groceries into the house. The last thing I want to do is fumble with house keys or even have to awkwardly put my groceries a down with a baby on my hip and try to open my door. What I’ve loved is just unlocking the door from my Schlage Home app before we get to our front step and simply open the door even when my hands are full! The simple act of not worrying about locking or unlocking my door has been so convenient and a serious game changer for me!

I don’t know about you guys, but my kids lose everything. I mean it, everything. This season Kato has lost 3 pairs of mitts, 3 toques, and some days he loses his snow pants. The thought of giving my kids house keys terrifies me because even though I do my best to teach them to be responsible, at the end of the day they are still kids. I find it is much easier to trust my kiddies with a code than a key. When we had a key for the house, Aiden had a hard time opening the door and often needed help locking and unlocking it. Now with the code, he can easily lock and unlock the door.

Finally, aesthetically it looks gorgeous. This upgrade is not only super functional and convenient but sleek and modern as well. Home improvements have been some of the most fun aspects of owning our own home. This one makes for one of my favourite upgrades because look, it looks so damn good!

Peep this BEFORE and AFTER:

I basically brag about this entire system to anyone who will listen to me at this point. I love the look and style of the keypad and knob. It is so sleek and modern. I am in love. I highly recommend the Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt if you’re looking for a smart lock or if you just want to give your home a nice new upgrade!


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