I tried a breastmilk supplement for 30 days and here’s what happened…

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Breastfeeding is hard work.

I love breastfeeding. I love the bond between baby and I and it makes me feel good to know that I am providing my baby with the best nutrition I can possibly give him.

There are so many benefits from breastfeeding for babies and moms. Some of which include:

  • Its FREE (formula is expensive)
  • The first “milk” called colostrum is full of antibodies
  • Lessens the risk of SIDS
  • Helps lose pregnancy weight (amen!)
  • Delays your period (win!!)
  • Brings you closer to your baby (skin-to-skin)

I breastfed my first two children and assumed that my third would be just like the rest–a walk in the park, right? I am an old hat at this game. Breastfeeding off the hop was my JAM. I had already done it twice without issues. Breastfeeding is natural, easy, intuitive, right? Wrong.

With Jasper I had so many struggles I never had in the past. He had a teeny tiny mouth and my nipples were almost too big for him to get a good latch on right away. Latching challenged us and my nipples hurt because of it. My milk took 5 days to come in. Jasper lost about 5-7% body weight before leaving the hospital. Not ideal, but acceptable and expected.

We tried to mitigate his weight loss by doing SNS feeding within 24 hours after birth (a process in which a small tube with formula is attached to the breast while feeding to support breast milk production and formula to help with feedings as my milk had yet to come in). This helped us gain an oz of weight overnight and get us discharged (woot!!). I continued to pump even after each feeding in order to stimulate milk production.

Within 2 weeks the thought was that he would get back up to birth weight and everything was normal. This did not happen.

I did get engorged. I did pump. I did expect my milk to adjust after a few days. Instead, they seemed to have shrivelled up and were almost bone dry.

I reached out to the public health nurse for help. She recommended nursing more often, staying at the breast for longer, trying milk thistle, fenugreek, prescription domiperidone, and everything in between. I did try all of these. While I did see an increase briefly, I still wanted more milk!

I wanted more milk. No matter how much I pumped, he was always hungry. I could never satisfy his hungry until I found the one that worked…

If you’ve read my pregnancy story, you know I has gestational diabetes. The lactation consultant I saw eventually said that this symptom of pregnancy can affect milk supply. With this information in mind I finally felt like it wasn’t my fault.

While pumping away one day, I came across an interesting brand called Legendairy Milk. They are a US company who use herbal supplements in their own proprietary blends to promote the production of breast milk. They are are fenugreek free company. While I had been using fenugreek as a supplement for myself, I didn’t realize it may be working against me (and I hated smelling like maple syrup all the time). I read the reviews on different products online and scoured the comments on posts on Instagram, I was highly intrigued.

They have so many products (with the cutest names) and you can try smaller bottles of the supplements to figure out which one works best for you. Their “best seller bundle” includes three varieties: Liquid Gold, Milkapalooza, an Pump Princess. You can also build your own bundle with three of any variety. Upon looking at reviews, this looked like the best option for me. I tried their Liquid Gold, Cash Cow, and Lechita. I used these in conjunction with the domperidone prescribed to me by my doctor, no other supplements were used when trying these out. I took 2 capsules, 3 times per day as recommended. Their recommendations is to try each one for 7-10 days to determine how well the product works for you. Each bottle came with 60 capsules (enough for 10 days). Every person is different and while some people may have better/worse reactions to a particular blend, this is just the results of my own experiences using these blends. I highly recommend trying their best sellers or doing some research and determining what you think may work for you and to go from there.

Liquid Gold

This one is part of the best seller bundle and the one I wanted to try first. The pills were easy to swallow and had a “grassy” flavour. I took the dosages with each of my meals to avoid any type of upset stomach. No issues there. I didn’t notice much until about 24 hours later. After taking this for a full day I was engorged when I woke up. It was surprising. I hadn’t been that engorged since my milk first came in and I was adjusting to my supply. I was able to pump about 3 oz combined from both breasts after a feeding. I hadn’t been able to do that up to this point. My volume pumped after a feeding was up about 50%. I was more than happy with that. Jasper was finally getting satisfied after a full feeding. It was amazing.

Cash Cow

I was really excited to try this one because I had seen some reviews that said it made their milk thick and creamy. I saw a post from someone online and they had shown the fat cap on their expressed milk was like an inch thick. I was so jealous. The most I’ve been able to get from my milk was maybe a third of an inch in the bottle after it has separated and settled. This one also tasted very “grassy”. I noticed a drop in my supply in the first 24 hours. It was a bit of a challenge that first day however after the first 36-48 hours, I continued to feel the fullness in my breasts that I was familiar with after missing a feeding. I noticed that my milk appeared to be “richer” and “creamier” when I swirled it. I wasn’t able to pump as much after feedings while taking this supplement. For me, the increase was about 25% more prior to taking any Legendairy Milk supplements. However, what I did notice, was Jasper was still becoming full after each feeding and over the course of those 10 days, he was getting much heavier. I don’t know if it was a growth spurt but I think fattier milk = chubbier baby. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.


I saw really good reviews from this one and thought this would be a good try. The thing that caught my attention was that it claims to promote milk flow. One thing that bothered me about pumping was that it took so damn long to pump. I would be sitting there for 20-30 minutes waiting for those last drops to stop. I was a slave to the baby and a slave to the pump. I wanted the milk to flow more efficiently. This was my answer. It had more of a licorice/anise flavour. I didn’t mind it at all.

I started this one a little late and missed the first dose. I started the second and took the third before bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and my nursing bra was soaked. I changed my bra, nursed baby in bed, my sheets were soaking wet. It was amazing. I got up and pumped and was able to pump 5 oz in one session. THIS HAD NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. I would literally pump 5-8 oz in an entire day. Now I was pumping 8-13 oz over the course of the day. Even my milk flowed more efficiently. When I fed Jasper, milk would flow so quickly he would need to take a break and sometimes would even choke a little because everything flowed so quickly.xMy pump sessions were cut by at least 10 minutes. Some days I could pump everything in 15 minutes. The sound of milk flowing was amazing. I found my winner, my saving grace, my one and only… Lechita.

Pump Princess

Ok, ok, I tried one more. I thought it at the cutest name and more than anything, I wanted to be one of those moms who showed off big bottles of pumped milk and I thought this would be the one for me. Turns out, it wasn’t. I noticed a drop in my supply within 24 hours of taking this. It did nothing for me. This particular blend did not show me any significant increase prior to taking any Legendairy supplements. It was the last one I took and within 48 hours of taking it I was placing an order for a month’s supply of Lechita.

Legendairy Milk products are made with proprietary blends of herbs that are known to promote breast milk production.

Both Best Sellers/Build A Bundle packs retail for $49.50 USD. Shipping to Canada is $17.20 USD. I used a 10% off code I found online. Product came in about a week.

I highly recommend trying some of Legendairy Milk products if you’re having supply issues or just want more milk (like me). I found that they worked for me and in different ways. They don’t taste bad and I know some people even combine blends based off what worked for them. As for me, I will be sticking with Lechita and have already built a 2 day stockpile with breastfeeding since getting my month’s supply and it’s only been 4 days. You can check out their website here.